the tree of life (2011)

tree of life is a concept used in different areas which relates the existence of everything on earth and the universe. the tree of life connects all the forms of creation not only on earth but in the universe. 
this concept is adopted on the movie through a evolutionary perspective and it is relation to people's lives.

the movie centers the relation of the tree of life to a family in the 1950s composed by brad pitt as a father, jessica chastain as a mother, and their three boys. the story goes through their relationship to the birth of the three children. but the movie goes beyond that creating almost a science class of images of the creation of the world with interesting music compositions, just as you can see in the trailer. there are endless minutes of this images with only jessica chastain voice behind it, on simple sentences. the emergence of the evolution starts with the death of their son at 19, right in the beginning of the movie. this death creates the whole essence of the movie, love and loss in the process of creation and evolution, passing through all stages: birth, teens, adult life and death. jessica's characters says in the beggining that she was thought that there are two ways of choosing life, a life of grace or a life based on nature. her education took her to the first path, of grace, and with her son's death she puts all in question. 
beyond the story, the movie photography is amazing, my favourite ever, there is not a moment that you cannot just stop and not stare, each frame is perfect to detail and along with the best match regarding sound, either if it is a character or just a song. the actors are fully their characters, jessica chastain speechless is the most expressive actress i have seen; brad pitt is completely mind blowing and only sean penn with a minor role leaves a little gap when you wonder about his part on the movie. it is an experience, because it shifts from the traditional movies, it is led on interpretation and on the senses everything is a mix of images and sound, and not spoken words in dialogue to create a plot. the few words that are said are carefully thought and exist only to direct the public through their thoughts and not through the plot. 

overall, i could say that this is a movie to feel and wonder, not to watch. and i guess it is bringing a lot of the independent movies into the mainstream distribution channels and i am really afraid that people will not be waiting this from brad pitt and sean penn and can get illuded when they enter the movie theatre.
beyond this, i just want to add that this is not a typical movie, it is art.


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