bruna, surfistinha
i have to admit i really liked the movie, it is really a theme that i love to see explored (like for example, in the book eleven minutes of paulo coelho). deborah secco plays a great role and if your expectations are not high you will be very surprised with this movie.
this has definitly give me some wishful thinking on brazillian movies.

shutter island
an amazing amazing movie. it is amazing how the leonardo dicaprio we met in the film Titanic got to this level of acting. extremelly  plot, amazing acting, fantastic special effects and enchanting photography. all wrapped up in one. 

i cried, i have to admit i did really cry and i am extremelly sad with this. 
so yesterday's episode was michael scott's last episode and i have been avoiding this moment but it completely ruins this show because he was the reason why the show existed in the first place. 
so yeah michael scott:
you are the world's best boss. 

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