the must see on television:

- conan is back! a new look, funnier, with amazing guests (including the musical ones) and excellent attacks to its previous network. special moments: definitly, michael cera, tom hanks & jack white. ricky gervais moment was awesome but you must see conan's meeting with its censorship responsible.

 - daily show, i'm gonna start watching every single episode.

 - the simpsons, good episodes just keep coming, it is amazing the continuous quality that is observed, although, katy perry was just a big wtf moment. a episode must see: flanders goes to the art history museum, presenting the evolutionism vs creationism issue.

 - 30 rock, too awesome show, a little bit difficult to start watching but after that... just amazing.

 - the office, although i think the show has had its best moments before, steve carell is just geniously funny.

 - modern family, unfortunetly i must say that it is losing some quality...


- dreamgirls, well the interpretation of beyonce is probably the less noticeable comparing to jamie foxx and jennifer hudson, but  mainly the first.

 - next movies to watch: killer at large documentary today, and tomorrow "enter the void" which i must say i'm having high expectations towards it.

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